Saturday, October 5, 2019

Retalia Leather Heels

These are some badass shoes :) Rigged versions for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza high feet as well as an option HUD for only $225L!

  • The HUD has 2 options for metal finishes, gold and silver.
  • The straps can be textured 14 different colors.
  • The shoe base can also be textured 14 colors.
  • The sole/heel has 4 options where the heel matches the sole and 4 options where the heel matches the shoe. (Shown here natural sole with shoe-matching heel)

The sole and heel, unfortunately, could not be textured separately and that is why there is no fatpack version. I would have to make a separate, massive HUD with 102 buttons just for the heel options. Therefore, buy the color you want the main part of the shoe to be (the section that goes around the back of the heel and down the sides). Every other part of the shoe can be changed.

The shoes come in 14 colors and can be found in the accessories section (the alcove on the right side of the store between gowns and tops.) Or CLICK HERE for a TP directly to the item.

Altho there is a wearable demo, it comes in only beige or black. There is a demo rezzed in the store so you can see every available color. Just touch it for a menu.

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