Sunday, July 27, 2014

We've Been Blogged!

As usual, Harper Beresford has taken some beautiful pics and I'm honored she decided to include our new Fabiana dress in "Memory." make sure to check out the full article HERE

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jennifer Dresses

These are just begging to be dressed up with accessories! There are 7 colors, collect them all!

Fabiana Dresses

A whole set of these Fabiana dresses await! Each one is different so you should check out the weekend sales and grab them all! Funkdafied was on sale last week and this week Harlequin. The rest will go on sale one by one :)  Memory seems to be everybody's favorite

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

GENRE for July

This month's theme is Baroque and we went modern. Grab this exclusive dress for only 60L available only at Genre. After the round ends Aug 12, it will move to the store at regular price (Around $225)

Teleport to Genre

Friday, July 11, 2014

More Newness...

I really try to improve our meager mens section because I think this is SL's most underserved population and our guys want nice clothes just as much as our women. I think there are more clothes out there for furries than for men. Our men deserve to look great too!

I present our second semi-exclusive mesh. This means that I bought the mesh from a dedicated mesh creator who sold only a few copies of it at a very high price, instead of the more general practice of selling unlimited copies at a low price. You will see this mesh at only a few stores in SL and they will each do something different with it. You will never see this mesh at garbage noob stores.

I named this outfit "Marty" after my close RL friend who lives in this outfit lol. I made the orange shirt just for Marty. It comes in I think... 15 colors. The shorts fit perfectly under the shirt and come in 7 colors.

Moving on... I also conjured up a new spin on the margarita dress, called the Daquiri dress. This comes in 6 colors.

Monday, July 7, 2014

JULY Group Gift

Retail value 265L
have fun in the sun with this pretty and colorful summer set, available for 0L to store group members only,

NEW!! Bayside Capri Pants

New standard sizing mesh capris with a texture change belt in black, brown, beige and white, also with gold or silver buckle. The pants come in 2 collections, darks and brites, each available in 7 colors for a total of 14! Make sure you try a demo before your purchase. The demo has a preview of every color on touch.