Thursday, October 31, 2013

Genre October

I'm a little late posting this round of Genre, which is, of course, steampunk! This was quite a challenge as I really love the steampunk theme but always found creating for it so difficult that I refused to apply for Steam (the hunt) after the first 2. My old friend Cara's store, Treasured Cove, had this cool little full perm mesh table for sale so I thought I could work with it. I really wish I had also grabbed the spring chairs as Roawanwood also turned up with the same mesh, and very well done I might add, but they look different enough to make getting both tables a perfectly wonderful idea :)

Want to go check out what everybody else is offering as well? Just CLICK HERE to teleport.

Dirty Little Secret 4 Hunt

Can you believe my its here again? My lovely and talented friend, Lynn Pooley, brings deliciously sordid fun to the grid for the 4th year in a row and, this year, both KRC and Mirage take part. The hunt begins at Electric and runs until Nov 25th with nearly 100 stops, all only 1L each!

The gift at Mirage I actually hung up in my and Stephan's secret skybox. Lynn called it "adorable" lol. What do you think?

Over at kastle we have a little bit of his-n-hers matching mesh underwear. Sparkly and all for the upcoming holidays ;)