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On this page, hopefully, we can provide any information needed to address your issue. The following are the most often received questions, broken down by categories:


I bought something and it never came. What doI do?
Answer:  Check your objects folder. The item will not be anyplace else. Still not there? Touch the item on the wall and select "redeliver" or use one of the redelivery terminals in the store. At KRC there are redelivery terminals in the lobby, group lounge and sale room. At Mirage it is on the inside of the front gate.

I tried the redelivery terminal but it didnt work. What do I do now?
Answer:  Make note of what happened when you tried the terminal. If the item is listed but grayed out, (unavailable for redelivery) or if you redeliver the item and it still doesnt arrive, submit a help request using the form on the "Get Help" page. You do not need your transaction info.
    If the redelivery terminal does not show your purchase at all, check your transaction history and make sure the money was deducted from your account. If it was, copy the transaction and paste it into the help form on the Get Help page. We will need to manually add your transaction to our sales system.
    If your item is a gift card, you will need to submit a support request to Linden Labs.

My purchase was from Marketplace but it never came. What do I do?
Answer:  The redelivery terminal will not work for mp purchases. Send your marketplace transaction on a notecard to Spooky Mistallow. It will be manually resent. If your purchase was a gift card, you will need to submit a support ticket with Linden Labs.

I won something from the lucky chairs but I didnt get it. What do I do?
Answer:  We're sorry, but free items are not redelivered.


Are the items transferable?
Answer:  No. Nothing sold in either store, except gift cards, is transferable. We occasionally have  transferable gift items for special events, like Christmas, but these items will be separate and very clearly marked.

How can I sent this to my friend?
Answer:  All vendors have a left click menu. Just select "gift." The sales system will send the item directly to your friend. 

This item doesnt let me send as a gift. What am I doing wrong? 
Answer:  Group gifts and items from Francesca's Affordable Elegance (the group-only discount store) do not allow gifting. 
    If the vendor tells you it is unable to find your friend, double-check the spelling of the name, then use the form on the help page for a manual delivery. 

The item came to me instead of my friend. What do I do?
Answer:  Copy all of the interaction with the vendor from local chat, from when you chose to send as a gift, until the vendor said the item has been delivered to your friend. Your payment will be included in this dialogue so dont worry about the transaction info unless the staff member requests it.
    Remember to only pay the vendor when  it requests the payment. If you pay at a random time the item will come to you and no refund will be given.

I can't seem to send a gift using my store credit.Is this possible?
Answer:  No. It is not possible to send a gift using store credit.

I'm a Group Member

How do I get my extra discount?
Answer:  Left click the vendor, select "cash" and then pay the vendor. Your 5% will credit back to your account and the vendor will give you a summary in local chat.

Someone said we get a 500L gift card on our rezday?
Answer:  You sure do! The rezday vendor is located upstairs in the group lounge a few meters from the current group gift. It must be exactly your rezday or the vendor will reject your click. Be careful to accept the card as it cannot/will not be resent or replaced. The card is not transferable.

The group chat is annoying. How do I turn it off?
Answer: Open the group info and uncheck "Receive group Instant messages."

Can I use my store credit at Francesca's? (The group discount store)
Answer:  Yes


Do you have Omega appliers?
Answer:  While we are not doing body-specific appliers, we are updating old items with Omega appliers for mesh bodies. Any new items that come out with system layers will also include them. These work for every known brand of mesh body except The Mesh Project. They replace Lola appliers, Phat Azz appliers and any other known applier. You will need to buy an Omega script on marketplace for 99L to use them.


Do you hire models?
Answer:  No. We do not hire live models to work in the store. 

Do you still sell Petites or Immortals clothing?
Answer:  Yes, it can be found on the marketplace under "Spooky Mistwallow". It is no longer sold inworld.

I wear this and it disappears. It's defective? Or am I wearing it wrong?
Answer: You bought something for Petite or Immortals small mesh avatars. All of these items are clearly marked with a warning on the vendor in bold color. For this reason they will not be refunded or replaced with regular sized merchandise.

Do you have an affiliate franchise?
Answer:  Yes. 50% commission. Initial fee $4500

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