Sunday, November 26, 2017

Mr SL 2018 Grand Finale

Check out Venom (our manager) making the Vanity gown look amazing! Next time I have an event I'm totally making her host it lol

MR SL 2018 Grand Finale


Right now, through Dec 25th, Kastle Rock Couture and Mirage Treasure Co have a holiday themed gift card in an attractive gift box (transferable of course) for 20% off! Our cards can be used at either store and never expire.
100L Card costs 80L
250L Card cost 200L
500L Card costs 400L
1000L card cost 800L
2500L card cost 2000L
5000L card cost 4000L

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mersad Noir

For spring/summer we released Mersad in white with soft light belt colors and the dress instantly was a huge success.

As our exclusive item for Kastle & Co's Autumn Frost Fair, I redesigned the popular dress in black with 12 dark, muted belt colors suitable for fall and winter (might catch a draft lol) You can find this item for $295 from Nov 18th - Dec 6th, 2017 at Autumn Frost Fair