Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Shiny Newness!

And the new merchandise just keeps arriving! All 3 items as well as the August Shimmer dress in our last post will make up our 99L sale this friday so dont miss out on some tremendous deals!

Paris Escapade comes in 7 colors, 5 darks and 2 lights (white and pink) with plenty of glitz and glam and sexy! You'll dazzle in the dark when you spend your evenings in this flashy top and skirt set. 265L

The Zhi Linh tank top comes in a dark set and a light set, each with their own demo and all color version. Simple basics that are the staple of any fashionista's wardrobe and a must have even for super casual ladies. 

Its been a looong time since we released a basic pair of mesh jeans and these fit like a dream in 4 shades. (Faded, washed, darkwash and black) so grab yourself a pair because they go perfectly with the Zhi Linh tank! End everything else, too!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

August Shimmer Cocktail Dresses

7 blacks, 7 whites, and 4 colors.

Each dress comes with 4 texture options, 2 solids and 2 mixed. The white ones would make lovely bridesmaids dresses in spring and summer. The colored ones are very summery and the black versions are perfect for a night on the town!

350L each

Skull-n-Bones: Caribbean Adventure Treasure Hunt

Kastle Rock heads the Male & Female or Unisex path this time (Rum Runner) so we have a gift got the girls AND the guys! The hunt runs until Sept 5th, 2018. CLICK FOR HUNT BLOG