Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday Sale


Kastle Rock Couture is pleased to announce that its annual transferable gift sale is now open! 15 popular and newer items are marked down from their regular price (many around 395L are now 250L etc) and are available only until Dec 24th. Dont miss the Twisted Krissmuss items nearby for an even more spectacular deal on holiday gifts!


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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Twisted Krissmuss


Attention shoppers! Is the holiday season a little hard on your linden balance? Or maybe you wish to buy gifts for all your friends but either nothing is transferable or just plain too expensive? Maybe you get so sick of searching through stores to the point of frustration? Then Twisted Krissmuss is for you!

What is it? A grid-wide shopping event brought to you by the Twisted Hunt folks where stores offer brand new, never before sold top quality items, all transferable, for only 100L each.

Kastle Rock Couture is proud to be a sponsor of the event and offers 7 brand new, very sparkly verseons of the popular Silk Flower 2 gowns. The gowns will go on sale, no transfer, after the event ends for $395L.

For more info CLICK HERE for the Twisted Krissmuss blog

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Romance Hunt


For Small Mesh Avatars

For all you Petites and Immortals out there that love a frosty little romance, Kastle Rock Couture Petite has some lovely little gifts for you hidden at the Kastle Enchanted store located on the Fairyland sim. Pictured below are the Petite versions, but you will find the same outfits for Immortals inside the mitten with pics displayed at the location.