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The Store
Kastle Rock Couture in 2009

    Kastle Rock Couture started out in September 2008 as a noob junkatorium called "Spookamania!" selling poorly made t-shirts, really ugly striped socks, and a few framed photographs. The store would later include asian furniture. 

    There used to be a club, owned by noob Spooky, called "Spooky Nights" made of 3 megaprims on a small mainland parcel. Eventually, the parcel grew, the store was moved adjacent, and the club rebuilt into a castle-ish thing. Spooky held a contest to name the new club and her good friend, Zhi Nightfire, submitted the winning entry, Kastle Rock. There are 2 reasons why spooky chose this name. One will remain undisclosed, the other is that she is a very big Stephan King fan and Stephen King is the inventor of the fictional Maine town, Castle Rock. Why Kastle and not Castle? It was believed at the time that a really cool logo could be made with the name starting and ending with K. o.O The store was given the same name for lack of imagination.

    By late 2008 Spooky and a friend, Cherielynn Cooperstone, split the cost of some prefab full perm skirts and began making dresses. A week later, Spooky had filled up a store and Cherie had given up. That was around the time Jersey Ceriano showed up, said the work was pretty good, and fantastic for a week's worth of practice, and she signed Kastle Rock for a free fashion show by [now defunct Dejavogue] Dejavu Agency. ((A couple of years later Jersey (AKA Dolce Enderfield) would get the manager of Best of SL to give Kastle Rock a look.)) So... Kastle Rock Couture just keeps growing and growing and getting better with each new release.

The Designer

Photo by Strawberry Singh
Spooky Mistwallow has been designing clothing in Second Life since 2008. With an emphasis on simple formals and classy short dresses, Spooky's designs range from casual to elegant and a few odds & ends in between. In 2012 Spooky began designing for Petites and Immortals mesh avatars. In 2013 she began a line of Arabian merchandise, both of which quickly became separate stores.

In addition to Kastle Rock Couture and Mirage Treasure Co, Spooky is also the Founder and Director of Freebies for Newbies, owner of the group-only discount store Francesca's Affordable Elegance, Kastle Enchanted Petite Couture and the black-only boutique, =Jet Black=.

With her old friend Lynn Pooley, Spooky also organizes some of SL's most popular gridwide hunts. Kastle/Electric Hunts has been bringing such favorites as Candy Cane, A Midsummer Nights Dream, Skull-n-Bones, Dirty Little Secret, and sooo many more since 2009.

Spooky has been a featured designer on MODA Fashion Spotlight three times. She was also nominated for multiple Avi Choice Awards every year since 2012.

Spooky married Stephan Klaar in June 2012 and lives happily ever after with her SL husband on a lovely island sim home. Spooky and Stephan enjoy shopping, medieval and fantasy RP, spending time with friends and quality quiet time. They met in 2014 in RL and didnt hate each other :)

Some interesting Facts:

  • Doesnt like chocolate or coffee
  • Loves champagne
  • Loves black, Abhors bright colors
  • Hates yellow clothes
  • Is named after Agent "Spooky" Mulder (The X-Files)
  • Has a couple thousand hairs
  • Fav colors are purple & green
  • Francesca's Affordable Elegance is named after Spooky's cat
  • It was the idea of designer Mohna Lisa to make Francesca's a very inexpensive outlet for group members
  • Spooky's feelings are very easily hurt
  • Spooky is a Leo in SL and in RL
  • Loves palm trees
  • Staff was hired at Kastle Rock because Spooky would loose her patience with difficult customers and ban them from the store. She still does.
  • Has written several fiction novels but has never tried to get published.
  • Is almost always barefoot 
  • Went 5 years in SL without owning a sex bed
  • Loves all kinds of music except country and rap. Especially loves swing music and British rock.
Spooky 2 months old, Oct 13, 2008 (with Braden Kemsley) wearing their own creations

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