Group Benefits

What Group?

The group is Kastle Rock Couture. There is a 100L non-refundable fee to join this group. If you leave the group for any reason, you will have to pay again to rejoin.

Why Join?

We see it all the time. People wish to join the group, then see the fee and make a comment about there being a charge, or complain that the fee is too high. Why should you pay it? You have so little money as it is, or maybe you don't like to part with Lindens if you're not sure you're getting a good value.

Lets Go Over the Benefits

Group Gifts - Let's start with the obvious. The majority of people joined the group for the occasional gifts. This gift is, almost always, an exclusive version of an item for full retail sale in the store. It is always valued well above 100L. It is never something the creator screwed up on and didn't want to put out for sale. If we wouldn't put it out for sale, we wouldn't expect you to want it, either.

----New group gifts, when released, are available at Kastle Rock Couture in the group lounge. A notice and IM will also be sent in the group.

----Many past group gifts remain available, so there is a large selection of items still out for free. (We reserve the right to remove past group gifts once they seem obsolete or just plain outdated. We may set them for sale at a discount, but they will never be available to the public. You MUST be a group member to receive these items.)

----Each December the group gift is a no transfer 100L gift card. This is to be used as store credit for yourself. It is added to any store credit you already have or may acquire afterward.

Lucky Chairs - Group only lucky chairs are filled with current merchandise and usually the best-selling colors. You will not find old items in them unless they are still desirable to shoppers.

----Kastle Rock has public lucky chairs with older items that have been removed from sale nearby so, if you are interested in those items too, you can watch all the chairs at once. All lucky chairs are located in the back lobby outside the sale room. All items are female.

Cash Purchase Discount - Unfortunately, this only works one way due to the limitations of our sales system. All group members, when wearing their group tag, may touch (left click) a vendor, select "Cash" and then right click the vendor and pay. You will receive 5% credit back on your account.

Rezday Gift Card - Every year on your rezday you can click the vendor located in the group center and receive a non-transferable $500L gift card. Do not accidentally decline it as the card will not be redelivered or replaced. You may only use the vendor on the exact day. (I also sell this vendor for other merchants to use in their stores. Please do not buy the item in the main lobby!! You will not be refunded.)

Retired Designs Outlet - Only group members may purchase retired designs at Francesca's Affordable Elegance. Both mens and womens clothing is offered for pennies! Nothing over 25L and most items are under 10L. If you click the vendors and select cash, you even get your 5% credit back. Use the store teleporters to "Discount" or go here:

Random Giftcard Giver - has been eliminated due to problems with the device


Perks are added. Perks are sometimes removed. We reserve the right to make changes.

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