Monday, January 27, 2014


I was ungodly busy in the month of December so, in the month of january, I took a much-needed slow-down for the sake of continuity of sanity. Whether or not I was sane to begin with is up for debate. So... at the end of the day, I have several new items to add to the blog! Most still have colors still going into the weekend sales so get over there and SHOP!! :)

The Newest release, just coming out this weekend, is Portofino, which comes in 6 colors as well as classic black and white. 

Next is the Private School ensemble. The top and bottom come separately for mix-n-match! The top includes a white system tank top and mesh cardigan while the bottom includes a mesh skirt, system white lace panties and white system knee socks for your younger side.

Hilary is a one-piece business-style party dress for your next political convention... or not. Each color comes with gold, silver, black or no trim options.

The leather jacket comes with 5 luxurious fur trims and diamond-studded silver buttons for that touch of glamour. So easy to dress it up or dress it down. And sorry, have to wait til march for a professional ad for this lol.

These midwaist skinny pants CYA while fitting perfectly under our tahoe jackets

The Tahoe jackets are a shimmery soft leather for those cold days on the slopes - or at the mall. Available in black and dark brown, and an array of soft light colors.

Una is beautiful, romantic blouse that catches the light in its silk brocade and all of its soft draping. Named for our long-time Lead CSR, Una Basevi!