Wednesday, April 25, 2018

World Tour 2018

Once again everybody's favorite globe-trotting hunt is here! This year we thought we'd take a break from the great white north and anchored "South America" this year! I did some sexy lace lingerie in red (Inspired by Argentina's Evita) with a sheer white lace robe. See the ad below for info on sizes.
 (See the Mirage blog for that store's Asian offering)

Get the list of locations, info and hints HERE

Monday, April 2, 2018

Black Fair April 2018

Check out our cute little mini skirt for the flirty sexy girl! The skirt is black on the outside but comes with 11 different colors for the ribbon and the inside of the skirt, which is visible due to its short length and front thigh gap. Both the ribbon and interior fabric can be changed separately. $225L

Find this item only at the fair! We are to the right of WOW skins in the far outer ring of stores TELEPORT 

Shown with tank top included with "Cotton Loungewear PJ's - Tropical Summer"