Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Midsummer Night's Dream 4

For four years now Kastle/Electric Hunts has enchanted the grid with the beloved gridwide hunt, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Over the years it quickly replaced the Candy Cane Hunt as out most popular event with bnoth merchants and hunters. The first 2 times we held it, over 300 merchants were involved. Last year we capped it at 250 and this year 200. Why? Because we know you dont want a hunt over-inflated with second and third rate stores. We also aim for a hunt where visiting every store is a realistic and achievable goal.

This year's MND hunt features a separate path for small mesh avatars. This includes Petites, Minikins, Immortals and any other brand. Gifts for specific brands will be listed on the blog.

View the hunt blog HERE

-All 190 locations have a male and female or unisex gift
-All locations are required to provide a hint
-Each hunt item costs 1L
-There are NO childrens stores or childrens gifts allowed
-child avatars creep everyone out. Yes, really.

*stay tuned for our hunt gifts!*

KRC Participating locations:

Kastle Rock Couture
Kastle Enchanted Petite Couture
Kastle Arabian Market

JUNE 21 - JULY 21, 2013


Great Gatsby! KRC is at GENRE

Only 60L at Genre 
Stephan started taking me to Genre many months ago and it immediately became that 3rd place we would visit after faMESHed and Collabor88. On a whim one day, I applied to be a guest designer and was quite happy to be accepted (those other 2 monthly sales dont want me because I don't make the mesh I sell myself.)

This month the theme is Art Deco!!
For those of you unfamiliar with the theme, think of the 1930's and the Empire State Building. Here is the art deco mesh dress I made and have out all month for only 60L.

In addition to the dress, I made sets of 3 mesh pottery in small, medium and tall in 2 different patterns.
Each set of 3 is only 70L and 1LI each!
Reg. price on a set of 3 is 237L.
Sorry about the snapshot but will be selling these single after this round is over at 79L each pottery.