Thursday, July 6, 2017

NEW!! Cherielyn Dresses

Named after one of my oldest SL friends who recently returned to SL, this sweet, casual summer dress comes in 2 sets, pales and colors. Each set has its own demo and "all colors" version, each with 7 shades. Watch for them in our My 60L Secret sale! Starting with Pales - Aqua on July 7, 2017.

NOTE: The ribbed cotton knit fabric was kind of lost in the picture taking. Please try a demo :)

AUTOHIDE - For the first time ever, the maitreya version comes with autohide. Also, the mesh dresses are modify so you can remove the scripts, add your own autohide scripts, etc. I did try to set up autohide for the 3 Belleza versions but sorry, I dont have 12 years to spare.

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