Friday, July 11, 2014

More Newness...

I really try to improve our meager mens section because I think this is SL's most underserved population and our guys want nice clothes just as much as our women. I think there are more clothes out there for furries than for men. Our men deserve to look great too!

I present our second semi-exclusive mesh. This means that I bought the mesh from a dedicated mesh creator who sold only a few copies of it at a very high price, instead of the more general practice of selling unlimited copies at a low price. You will see this mesh at only a few stores in SL and they will each do something different with it. You will never see this mesh at garbage noob stores.

I named this outfit "Marty" after my close RL friend who lives in this outfit lol. I made the orange shirt just for Marty. It comes in I think... 15 colors. The shorts fit perfectly under the shirt and come in 7 colors.

Moving on... I also conjured up a new spin on the margarita dress, called the Daquiri dress. This comes in 6 colors.

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