Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New stuff

Over the past few weeks Ive been mad busy trying to get more than a week ahead so that I would be able to take a week off to spend with my SL partner in RL. Therefore, this blog and the Mirage blog have been woefully neglected. Here is a recap of the new stuff that has come out:

 Montego Gowns

Also in Purple

Fruit Smoothie Jackets

In an array of fruity colors

Metallic Jackets

In a wide spectrum of shades

Mens Leather Jackets

Comes in Brown or Black with 5 shirts or no shirt. Single colors in 60L sales only.

Tafeta Party Dresses

In lots of soft shiny colors

Sharona Pants

In a vintage style, polka dots with white belt, and plain with brown belt, lots of colors!

Racerback Tops

Many colors!

And lots more!!!

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